Len Fisher
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Len speaking at R14Len Fisher: Speaker

I am available for lecture tours and one-off lectures to special interest groups. My talks on "the science of everyday life" and "what is science about?" cover topics that include food and cooking, weird and scandalous science, serendipity and discovery, and the life of a scientist in the media.

Upcoming Talks

Handling Complex Situations in Real Life
Heron Island Complex Systems Summer School, 16–27 January, 2012 (Heron Island, Queensland, Australia)

Humour In Science
Cambridge University Scientific Society, 1 May, 2012
A funny thing happened on the way to the lab...It would be more correct to say that a funny thing happened IN the lab, because jokes (practical and otherwise), facetious suggestions and general playfulness have been the catalysts for some surprising advances in science. Here I tell some of the stories, and also show how scientists have been able to make humour a major weapon in the quest to bring science to a wider public.

Len Fisher Talks

Among my credits are two talks at London's Royal Institution (pictured), a lecture series on the QE2, and many after-dinner talks to clubs and organizations.

Below I give a list of topics from talks delivered during the last six years, with abstracts and (in two cases) my speaker's notes to give a flavour of my style. You can browse my talks by topic or in chronological order.

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