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Hear my interview with Ira Flatow on how we can use swarm intelligence to make better group decisions
National Public Radio “Science Friday” (September 10)

Hear my Conversation with Richard Fidler
ABC Brisbane

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Read my new Psychology Today blog: Untangling Life’s Complexities

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Radio & TV

Radio Tour of America: January–February 2010

Hear and read about my interviews on how we can tackle the complex problems of everyday life:

San Francisco CA: KVON Morning Edition
National Public Radio: Hive Mind
New York NY: WNYC Brian Lehrer Show
Lifestyle Talk Radio (National) Frankie Boyer Show
Columbia MO: KRFU David Lile Show
Oakland NJ: WVNJ Sam Greenfield Show
Minneapolis MN: KQRS Morning Show
Colorado Springs CO: Tron in the Morning
Springfield – Hartford MA-CT: WAQY Bax and O’Brien Show
Huntington W.VA: WRVC Viewpoint with Jean
WCCO in Minneapolis and WBZ News Radio: Jordan Rich show

Other Recent Radio & TV
Conversations with Richard Fidler
ABC Radio, Australia, 1 December 2009
Len Fisher and Richard Fidler have a discussion on how scientists can make science more accessible and meaningful to people.

Len Fisher on Radio & TV
My approach to presenting science on radio and TV is to mix humour and anecdote with the serious science. Below is a list of my recent radio and TV credits, with further detail appended for those accompanied by an asterisk.

You can browse my radio and TV broadcasts by type of show or in chronological order.

I am always happy to consider proposals for using radio and TV to bring science to a wider audience. Contact me.

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